Improving Broadband & Mobile

Achieving connectivity for all South East Cambridgeshire is a matter of upmost concern to Lucy Frazer.

With regards to broadband, by the end of June 2017 South East Cambridgeshire should have 94% coverage but the issue of how to reach the remaining 6% of the area still needs to be addressed.  Lucy has been actively pressing this point with Matthew Hancock, Minister of State responsible for digital and culture policy and is engaged with all relevant authorities in an effort to keep the South East Cambridgeshire region front of mind with regards to any extra funding provision available.  Lucy is also working closely with BT Openreach to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to achieving full connectivity.  

When it comes to mobile coverage in the region, Lucy is fully engaged in an ongoing dialogue with all the network providers.  Lucy is asking those living and working in the region to keep her updated on any areas with poor reception so that she can feed this information back to the relevant providers.  Providers are sometimes unaware of individual 'not spots' and by making them aware that steps can be taken to address and improve the situation.   

In a fast changing digital world, being connected and having adequate broadband, mobile and Wi-Fi accessibility is essential not only to enable businesses to thrive but also to improve general health and well being and make accessible the wealth of online services and information now available in a world where everything is moving in this direction.

If you are experiencing problems with your mobile reception or broadband please do email Lucy at and please include the postcode and network provider, where relevant, for the area in question.