Local News

Lucy meets with parish councils in Great Wilbraham

Lucy met with parish councils in Great Wilbraham to discuss lack of money for rural communities, cycle paths and speeding. Lucy is enjoying collaborating with parish councils and was pleased to hear that the parish council is looking into cycling routes in the area.

Lucy Frazer meets Ofsted

Lucy met with Andrew Cook and Paul Brooker from Ofsted to discuss raising the performance of Cambridgeshire schools.

Elections on 5th May 2016

The Police and Crime Commissioner elections are on 5th May, along with Local Government Elections in Histon & Impington, Waterbeach, Linton, The Wilbrahams and Willingham & Over.

Lucy Frazer encourages communities to Clean for the Queen

“Clean for The Queen” brings together all of the anti-litter organisations from the UK and aims to get people involved in Britain’s largest litter pick. Community groups including parish councils, residents’ associations, and local schools and businesses are encouraged to organise their own litter pick or clean up in the coming weeks, or over the “Clean for The Queen” weekend, which is 4th-6th March.

Rural Services Delivery Grant

This week, East Cambridgeshire District Council received £120,705 extra money from the government in the form of a Rural Services Delivery Grant. This money was given to help Councils in rural areas balance their budgets.