Lucy Frazer re-elected as MP for SE Cambridgeshire

Lucy Frazer has been re-elected as MP for South East Cambridgeshire with 33,601 votes - increasing the Conservative share of the vote from 48.5% (2015) to 53.3%.

Thank you to everyone who voted for Lucy and those who helped with the re-election campaign.

For a brighter future, vote Conservative on Thursday

If we get Brexit right, we can do great things as a country. Vote for Theresa May and her Conservative team to deliver a brighter future for everyone. Please re-elect Lucy Frazer as MP for South East Cambridgeshire.

General Election - 8 June 2017

The Prime Minister has just announced that a General Election will be held on 8 June - and that we will shortly take the necessary steps in Parliament to ensure that this can happen.