Rural Services Delivery Grant

This week, East Cambridgeshire District Council received £120,705 extra money from the government in the form of a Rural Services Delivery Grant. This money was given to help Councils in rural areas balance their budgets.

As East Cambs has a fully balanced budget this year and next, The Conservative Group are proposing that the whole of the grant will be given to rural parishes across East Cambridgeshire rather than be absorbed into the budget.

Council leader James Palmer said; "Whilst the grant was an important boost to some councils who are struggling to balance their budget, at East Cambs we are not in need of the money to prop up our revenue. Therefore the Conservative Group will propose to Council that the entire £120,705 be divided amongst the rural parishes of East Cambridgeshire."

"We are also proposing a Council Tax freeze in East Cambridgeshire for the third year in a row whilst continuing to provide the best possible service to the residents of the District."