Lucy Frazer talks to the PM

Lucy Frazer met the Prime Minister and impressed on him the importance of further funding for education and investment in our Cambridgeshire infrastructure. 

Lucy Frazer talks to farmers at the NFU

Lucy Frazer met with a number of farmers at the Ely branch of the NFU to talk about issues affecting the farming industry.  The discussion ranged from CAP to immigration and overseas aid.

Sir Jim continues to press for fairer funding for our schools

Today Sir Jim met with the new Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan, and the Head Teachers of all the secondary schools in his constituency to continue to press their case for more funding for Cambridgeshire schools.

Lucy Frazer at Ely Community College

Lucy Frazer spoke with students at Ely College and talked to the Principal Catherine Jenkinson-Dix about funding, facilities and student needs.

Sir Jim raises stowaway concerns in Parliament

Speaking today in the House of Commons, Sir Jim has raised concerns that illegal immigrants hiding in lorries of fresh produce bound for East Cambridgeshire are posing a ‘serious risk’ to the food chain.