South East Cambridgeshire Conservative MP Lucy Frazer is campaigning on three critical issues for the local area.

Improving our Infrastructure

I know how important infrastructure is here – we need to ensure we have the right road and rail networks so that travelling to work, schools and shops does not take longer than it should.  Transport is critical to economic success and we should not be sitting in traffic daily.  We need investment in our local transport.

That is why I pressed Eric Pickles MP not to delay the building of the Ely-by pass and why I am delighted that he listened to the views of locals and the project can now progress. I will also be working to ensure that we have the necessary improvements on A10, the A14 and the right answer to the A1307.

The rail network also needs some development.  I will be working to ensure that Network Rail’s proposal for a station in Soham becomes a reality and to maximise its potential for the people in Soham.

Fairer Funding for our Schools

Fairer Funding for our schools is a key priority for me.  Quite simply, we need more funding.  Cambridgeshire’s ranking for per-pupil funding is far too low.  I want to change this.  As a governor of a school, a parent and a mentor of young students I know how education can transform lives. 

I have already held a meeting between Rt Hon Michael Gove MP and the head teachers of the state secondary schools to explain why funding needs to be increased.  Recently I have visited or taken sessions in Impington Village College, Bottisham Village College, Linton Village College, The Meadow Primary School in Balsham, Kings Ely, The Shade Primary in Soham and Ditton Lodge Primary.

We also need further funding for more schools.  I want to work with you and for you to make our good and outstanding schools world leaders.

Supporting local businesses

Building up our local economy and creating opportunities for businesses to form and grow is critical.  Cambridgeshire is one of the few net contributories to the Treasury.  With sectors from farming to bio-tech and horseracing this is one of the most vibrant and exciting economic areas in the country. 

I am determined to support business growth.  That is why I am delighted to have had the opportunity of putting on, with South Cambridgeshire District Council and East Cambridgeshire District Council our Funding Fair where we linked up more than 70 businesses with 16 grant funding providers.  

If you or your business would like to speak to me about your business needs please email me on