Improving our Infrastructure

Investment in infrastructure is needed in South East Cambridgeshire and Lucy has been taking action to ensure that our local transport links are improved.

Ely Bypass

Work on the Ely Bypass has started! It is due to finish in Spring 2018.

Lucy has campaigned on this since before she was first elected in 2015, working with all key stakeholders. The reduction in congestion is important to the area, bringing with it significant economic benefits, cutting travel time and improving transport links in the area.

Lucy has worked closely with the County Council, the District Council, the Local Enterprise Partnership and the Department of Transport including helping to ensure that the £16m provided by the Government was and remained committed. 

Lucy will continue to work closely with the County Council and the District Council at each stage of the project to ensure that it progresses on schedule.

A142/ A14 Junction 37

Junction 37 on the A142/A14 needs improvement. Along with Matthew Hancock, Lucy met with Parliamentary Secretary of State for Transport, Andrew Jones in June 2016 to outline their desire to see improvements to junction 37 between the A14 and A142 because the current amount of traffic leads to congestion along a narrow piece of road. 

Lucy subsequently co-ordinated a joint letter and bid to the Department of Transport with both Forest Heath and Cambridgeshire County Councils and others appealing for improvements to the junction.  

Soham Station

Lucy has been working with Network Rail, the District Council and the Country Council to build a station in Soham. She has met with Network Rail and other key stakeholders on many occasions since she was first elected in 2015. The project is currently at the Grip 3 stage assessing feasibility.  She has supported a bid to Government to access the New Station Fund. 


Lucy has spearheaded a campaign to upgrade the A10. She met with representatives from East and South Cambridgeshire District Council and the Local Enterprise Partnership to discuss improving the A10 in autumn 2016. Consultants are currently looking at feasibility studies along the corridor from Cambridge to Ely. Lucy has set up a further meeting for the Spring to assess the outcome of the feasibility studies.