Ely Zipper: Update from Cllr Bill Hunt of East Cambs District Council

The Conservative led Ely Zipper bus service is a real success story for the Grunty Fen Villages.

Put on a great bus service that gets people to where they want to go in a reasonable amount of time with a decent frequency and people will use it! 

The Ely Zipper had a large subsidy by Cambridgeshire County Council tax payers when it was first launched by County Councillor Bill Hunt 5 years ago, but thanks to ever increasing numbers of passengers and fare income it is now the third lowest subsidised service in Cambridgeshire. 

And thanks to the support of Grovemere at the Lancaster Way Business Park that subsidy has now been reduced yet further. 

And with the increased fare income from workers at Lancaster Way it is hoped the subsidy could be wiped out altogether.