Lucy Frazer celebrates National Storytelling Week in Soham

On Wednesday 3rd February, local MP Lucy Frazer attended an event at St Andrew’s Primary School in Soham to celebrate National Storytelling Week.

The event, a “Marrakech Storytelling Bazaar” involved pupils who had written their own short stories and were stationed around the “Bazaar” to tell their stories to a small audience. Also visiting the school was Schools Minster Nick Gibb MP who spoke on the importance of reading at school and at home for pupils of all ages, and how reading can offer so many wider benefits as children grow older.

The event was organised with Chip Colquhoun, himself a storyteller with the organisation Snail Tales, which encourages schools to use storytelling to help with a variety of aspects ranging from reading and writing to confidence and ambition.

Speaking after the event, Lucy said, “I was most impressed with the imagination and confidence from the pupils. This was a great way of highlighting the importance of storytelling in developing a child’s English skills. I am returning to St Andrew’s in March to meet with the School Council and I am looking forward to seeing more of their storytelling.”