Lucy Frazer MP: How we benefit from the Spending Review‏

The Chancellor’s Comprehensive Spending Review was delivered last week. Many of the announcements benefit Cambridgeshire directly, and I thought you would be interested to learn more about them.   

Fairer School Funding

Cambridgeshire schools have been underfunded for too long. This is a key campaign of mine and I am delighted that the Chancellor has now committed to introducing a new national funding formula. This will level the playing field and is great news for our schoolchildren.

There is still work to do, as the Treasury will begin consulting on the proposal next year, but this is a positive start.  I will be fighting for the best funding deal possible to ensure that Cambridgeshire is not left behind and that our children are not held back by lack of investment in their education. 

Investment in Healthcare

A new £500 million fund for new hospitals, was announced, with a portion of that fund being set aside to help rebuild Papworth Hospital. 

It is encouraging to see healthcare investment which will benefit local residents.

Protecting the science budget

£4.7 billion is allocated for science resource funding in the UK. The Spending Review committed to protecting this budget in real terms for the rest of the Parliament. In an area where we have many scientific and research industries, this represents a great investment in local industry, which will allow local businesses to thrive and compete in international markets. 

Cambridge Compass Enterprise Zone

We have a new Enterprise Zone which will benefit Lancaster Way Business Park in Ely, and the Research Park in Waterbeach. This will allow companies to take advantage of lower business rates, supporting local business and growth.

Commitment to apprenticeships

I visit many businesses in the constituency that run successful apprenticeship programmes and have met a number of people who started their careers as apprentices. I am pleased to see the commitment to apprenticeships through increased funding, and the new apprenticeship levy and the protection of smaller local businesses, allowing them to take on apprentices without suffering financially. 

As your MP, I will continue working alongside local schools and businesses to ensure that we in Cambridgeshire continue to get the support we need from the government for education and infrastructure. 

Lucy Frazer QC MP