Meeting with Govia Thameslink Yields Positive First Steps

Lucy Frazer MP yesterday met with Chief Operating Officer of Govia Thameslink Railway, Nick Brown.  

Mr Brown agreed to help the MP pursue a satisfactory solution to the issue regarding the change of time to the first off peak service from Ely to Cambridge. 

It transpired from the meeting that Govia Thameslink would need to approach fellow rail operator, Cross Country, about the possibility of converting the 08:54 service to off-peak. Nick Brown, at the request of the MP, agreed to take up the case with Cross Country. 

Lucy said, “After a number of letters and phone calls regarding this complaint, I am pleased to have had a face to face meeting to press the case for an earlier off peak train from Ely.  Govia have committed to liaise with other operators to alleviate the problems faced by commuters who depend on the first off peak train from Ely. I am grateful to Nick Brown for taking the time to meet with me, to understand the issues, and to suggest a way forward that he is willing to help with.”

Converting the 08.54 service to off peak would solve the problems for affected commuters, enabling them to continue to travel from Ely to Cambridge for a 9.30am start on an off peak tariff and allowing those who need to, to take their full size bicycles on board. 

Lucy also addressed the ongoing disruption following the implementation of the new timetable which is affecting all rail users in the region. Nick Brown assured the MP that GTR are focusing all efforts on resolving the issues and achieving greater reliability as soon as possible. He said specific changes were being put in place to improve reliability and reduce cancellations.

Lucy said, “I very much appreciate Nick Brown’s cooperation. I will, of course, be following up on this and maintaining contact with Nick regarding all the issues currently affecting commuters from and to Ely.”


Contact Details: Caroline Cosgrove (Office of Lucy Frazer MP)
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